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    Human Fighter - Path to a Warrior
    • Starting Level: 18
    • NPC: Master Auron
    • Location: Warrior Guild in Gludin

    1. Meet with Master Auron in the Warrior Guild in Gludin. He will tell you about the test you have to do. He sends you to Simplon in Gludio.
    2. Trader Simplon is the Weapons and Armor shop. He needs 10 Rusted Swords. You can get them from Ruins of Agony.
    3. You will find the Tracker Skeletons. Kill these until you get 10 rusted swords.
    4. Return to Trader Simplon. He takes the swords and hands you a Rusted Bronze sword and a letter. These need to go to Master Auron.
    5. At Master Auron, he tells you about the Giant Poison Spiders that you need to kill with the Rusted Sword.
    6. These are near Windmill Hill south of Gludin. You will need to return 20 spider legs.
    7. Return to Master Auron with the spider Legs. He takes them and the sword and rewards you with the Medallion of Warrior, XP and SP.

    Speak with Grandmaster Ramos in the Warrior Guild in Gludin to become a Warrior.
    Category: 1st Class Transfer | Added by: JackBlack (19.10.2009)
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