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    Pailaka 3 – Injured Dragon
    • Level: 73~77 (characters above lvl 77 can not take this quest)
    • NPC: Ketra Orc Shaman, outside Goddard West Gate
    • Type: 1-time / Solo
    • Time Limit: 90 mins
    • Rewards:
    Pailaka Shirt – A-Grade. 28 PDef, MaxMP +40. Cannot be dropped, traded or enchanted.
    28.000.000 XP, 2.850.000 SP, Vitality Points

    Ketra Orc Shaman sends you to the Pailaka at the Varka Silenos Stronghold. Please note that this quest will not affect your alliance with the Varka Silenos nore the Ketra Orcs.

    At the entrance to the Varka Silenos Stronghold NPC Ketra Orc Supporter awaits you and gives you the Spear of Silenos. The weapons special skill Obliteration Storm must unlocked to defeat Latana, the Dragon of Fire.

    Hunting Silenos will get you the needed scrolls (Weapon Upgrade Stage 1 & 2) to enhance the Spear into Enhanced Spear of Silenos. Speak to a Ketra Orc Intelligence Officer to refine the Spear of Silenos. The first weapon skill you will get is Critical Up, wich increases the Critical rate and Attack Speed. Once you obtained the 2nd Weapon Upgrade Stage let a Ketra Orc Intelligence Officer refine the Spear into Complete Silenos Spear. The weapon skill Obliteration Storm has a chance to stun your target.
    Killing mobs inside the Pailaka will get you various Potions that should help fighting Latana.
    The various Ketra Orc NPCs  can also give you buffs.

    Facing Latana should be done well buffed and prepared, having enough Healing Potions, etc. … Latana has 3 different skills he can use. A general, not fixed on a special target fire nuke. This one can easily be avoided by just moving aside. 2nd one is a stun attack and the 3rd being an AOE fire nuke.

    After killing the Dragon of Fire the Ketra Orc Supporter will appear, taking back the Silnos Spear and rewarding you for defeating Latana.

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