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    A Special Order
    • Level: 40
    • NPC: Trader Helvetia, Giran
    • Type: 1-time / Solo
    • Reward: Wondrous Cubic

    Meet Trader Helvetia at Giran’s Grocery Store. There are 2 tasks for the quest. You get the task assigned randomly, so just abort the quest if you don't like the given task and restart the quest.

    Task 1

    • Warehouse Chief Gesto had forgotten to get the jar. He asks you to obtain the seeds for him.
    • Use the Manor System to get: 40 Golden Cobol, 40 Thorn Cobol, 40 Great Cobol and return to Gesto.
    • Take the jar of seeds that Gesto made and bring it to Helvetia.

    Task 2

    • Fishing Guild Member O’Fulle had forgotten to get the fish. Help O’Fulle to get the fish.
    • Get: 10 Orange Nimble Fish, 10 Orange Ugly Fish, 10 Orange Fat Fish and return to O’Fulle.
    • Take the box of fish that O’Fulle made and bring it to Helvetia.

    Helvetia will reward you with a Wondrous Cubic. You can double-click it once per day to obtain a Cubic Piece.
    Any Warehouse Freightman will exchange it for an additional adena fee into a Weapon or Armor Enchant Scroll.

      EAD  Rough Blue Cubic Piece + 18k adena
      EWD  Fine Blue Cubic Piece + 150k
      EAC  Rough Yellow Cubic Piece + 45k adena
      EWC  Fine Yellow Cubic Piece + 330k adena
      EAB  Rough Green Cubic Piece + 80k adena
      EWB  Fine Green Cubic Piece + 1.5mil adena
      EAA  Rough Red Cubic Piece + 720k adena
      EWA  Fine Red Cubic Piece + 5.4mil adena
      EAS  Rough White Cubic Piece + 1.5mil adena
      EWS  Fine White Cubic Piece + 15mil adena

    Category: Quests | Added by: JackBlack (08.07.2009)
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